Nippon Paint Marine’s NEOGAURD reduces routine maintenance for Starnes Bulker

The Nippon Navy paint The NEOGUARD anti-corrosion coating applied to the cargo holds of the 40,000 dwt bulk carrier Starnes was a key factor in enabling ship manager HJH Shipmanagement GmbH to extend cargo hold maintenance.

Starnes, delivered by Chengxi shipyard in 2020, was delivered with a full range of Nippon Paint Marine protective coatings and anti-fouling systems.

“We haven’t had a chance to physically inspect the tanks ourselves,” said Olaf Riecken, Business Development Manager, Nippon Paint Marine (Germany), “but HJH is very pleased that the vessel shouldn’t require remedial coating work on the hold until drydock in mid-2025.

“The bulk carrier carries crushed stone and other aggregates, so the holds required special attention to mechanical shock, abrasion and corrosion. The owner’s stringent requirements have been met with our NEOGUARD range, which has been applied to all slipways and unloading tunnels,” added Riecken.

The 190 m long vessel can self-unload at a rate of 5,500 t/h. The self-unloader system, which features one of the largest booms ever fitted to a self-unloader, can handle piece sizes up to 300mm and free-flowing materials with a bulk density of around from 1.2 to 3.5 t/m3.

Paying particular attention to the cargo holds, Nippon Paint Marine applied its HI-Epoxy 1494 coating, a zinc-rich epoxy primer, to the bulkheads and tanks, followed by two 200 µm coats of NEOGUARD 100 GF. For the unloading tunnels, two coats of 125µm of NEOGUARD TOUGHNESS were applied before a single topcoat of 50µm of E-MARINE Finish M.

While Nippon Paint Marine applied its coatings to existing tonnage operated by the HJH, Starnes was the first new build project with this owner.

Other vessels applied with the same coating include the self-unloading bulk carriers Bulknes and Sandnes, with the operator noting that extended coating repairs could not be achieved without a NEOGUARD application.

“It is vitally important to choose the right anti-corrosive paint for new build from the start of the project,” said Michael Jäger, Newbuild Manager at HJH Shipmanagement. “Based on our previous experience with Nippon Paint Marine systems during repair and maintenance projects, we wanted the ultimate cargo hold protection for Starnes. We saw this with NEOGUARD, which exceeded our expectations and helped reduce coating maintenance costs.