Wärtsilä unveils the AHTI innovation vessel, creating an at-sea test center for tomorrow’s solutions

Wärtsilä Voyage, part of the Wärtsilä Technology Group, today unveiled its new demonstration and innovation vessel, AHTI, at SMM in Hamburg, Germany. With AHTI, Wärtsilä Voyage has created a maritime environment where customers can test Wärtsilä Voyage’s own technologies, as well as solutions from its technology partners. These trials will be conducted in real and changing sea conditions which can be difficult and expensive to recreate in a laboratory environment.

In his previous life, AHTI served as a German government fisheries patrolman. AHTI was chosen as the target for retrofit technology installations to prove what is already technologically possible for the current fleet and to create a platform for further innovation and development.

Creating a floating R&D facility also helps Wärtsilä Voyage reduce the cost and time barriers associated with live testing, returning meaningful results with much lower risk and cost than going directly to large-scale testing. ladder. AHTI is also creating a first-party resource where customers and technology partners can collaborate.

During the first half of 2022, AHTI’s deck was upgraded with a number of products from Wärtsilä Voyage’s portfolio, including NACOS Platinum, SPECS and RS24. The vessel has also been outfitted with in-market partner technology products from OSCAR and Drynet. Soon, Wärtsilä Voyage will install SceneScan, SmartMove, Remote Control and Satellite Connectivity on board.

With this wide range of technologies on board, AHTI is a highly automated, connected, situationally aware and data-driven bridge to the maritime future that Wärtsilä Voyage aims to create.

AHTI: our vessel of innovation.  @Wärtsila

our vessel of innovation. @Wärtsila

Speaking at the AHTI unveiling, Hendrik Bußhoff, Product Manager – Autonomous Systems, Wärtsilä Voyage, said: “Technology designed to solve the industry’s greatest challenges must be tested in situations that come close to as many real-life scenarios as possible. However, we understand that real-world testing is expensive and time-consuming. Testing new equipment almost always means testing it on a customer vessel, which can often lead to numerous obligations and questions about documentation, schedules, data ownership and compliance. That’s why we invested in AHTI. We now have a resource that will shorten time to market, allow us to fail faster and innovate faster, and compare and understand different technologies outside of controlled environments. »

Sean Fernback, President of Wärtsilä Voyage, said: “Over the past few years, the maritime industry has recognized the benefits of digitalization and how it can help organizations meet the biggest challenges facing the sector. AHTI provides a powerful tool to test the capabilities and advantages of a technology-enabled vessel and gives us an environment in which we can see the future, today, on our terms. With AHTI, we look forward to working more closely with our customers and technology partners, as well as regulators, to shape the future of maritime, allowing us to move forward as an industry at pace.
Source: Wärtsila