Sea Safety Training for Coast Guards

Sea safety training was conducted over the weekend. Photo by Marjorie Roth.

Unfavorable weather during the week reduced nautical activity but around 8:50 p.m. the

On Monday July 18, the coast guard Yeppoon received a request from the SAR police officer to surrender

to the rescue of three fishermen stranded on Barren Island.

They were on an overnight fishing trip in a 6m boat when, near the north side of the island, their boat hit a rock

and capsized by a wave and they were forced to abandon her.

They had traveled with life jackets and one of the men was able to take a cell phone in a waterproof container.

They swam to the rocky shore where they got out of the water and were able to alert

the police by making a 000 call.

The fishermen watched their overturned boat drifting in the darkness.

Yeppoon Rescue One (Skipper Barry Semple and crew Myron McCormick, Peter Thomasson

and Darryl Purdie) left the port of Rosslyn Bay at 9:28 p.m., heading for Barren Island.

They contacted the stranded fishermen by mobile phone and confirmed their position

for they could see the lights of the approaching ship.

The crew of the salvage vessel were then able to spot the torch on the mobile phone held by one of the fishermen.

Arrived at 22:20, Yeppoon Rescue One could not land, and the three fishermen jumped back into the

water and swam to the lifeboat.

Yeppoon Rescue One returned to Rosslyn Bay harbor at 11.08pm where the fishermen were met by relatives who had been contacted by the boat owner on the return trip.

The owner of the boat was a member of Marine Assist, but the trip had not been registered with the Coast Guard.

At 5:43 p.m. on Sunday July 24, the Coast Guard Cutter Yeppoon received a request from QAS to conduct a medical evacuation from Great Keppel Island. Yeppoon Rescue One (skipper Merv Studt and crew Mark Hardy, Myron McCormick and Peter Thomasson) left Rosslyn Bay

Port with a paramedic on board at 6:15 p.m., arriving at Fishermans Beach, Great Keppel Island in the dark at 6:50 p.m.

The patient was a swimmer who had participated in the swim around the GKI and suffered from hypothermia.

After the patient was assessed, Yeppoon Rescue One departed the island at 7:55 p.m. and arrived at Rosslyn Bay.

Harbor at 8:35 p.m., by which time the patient had made a substantial recovery.

On Sunday, the Yeppoon Coast Guard held sea safety training at Considine Beach on North Keppel Island.