Southend Coastguard crews search for person stuck in mud

Three Coastguard teams were dispatched to report someone stuck in mud in Southend over the weekend.

HM Coastguard Southend has been tasked with reporting a person stuck in the mud off Marine Parade on Saturday, reported by a concerned member of the public.

Launched at 3.54pm, a Southend Coastguard team proceeded directly to the RNLI Coastal Boathouse to observe and support the launch of the Southend Rescue Hovercraft to the reported location.

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Coastguard rescue teams search for the reported person stuck in the mud. Photo: HM Coastguard Southend

A second Coastguard team then met the person who reported the incident, who is now believed to be near the small practice green adjacent to the Marine Life Centre.

A third Coastguard team from Canvey was also sent to Southend in support.

After speaking to the first informant and a search of the area by the RNLI hovercraft, no one was identified as being in difficulty or in need of Coastguard assistance.

A spokesman for HM Coastguard Southend said: “So a false alarm with good intentions and all teams withdrew but remained at high readiness given the numbers on the mudflats with an incoming tide approaching. ”