Portreath Coastguard Rescue Team come to explorer’s aid

An explorer who got stuck in a gallery 12ft from a cliff and an endangered fisherman kept the Portreath Coastguard team busy this week.

The team was called on the afternoon of Friday July 22 to report a victim trapped 12ft off a cliff in the mouth of an old gallery above Portreath Beach.

After arriving at the scene, they located the explorer who had been a bit adventurous climbing into the cave before getting stuck on his way back.

They take him back to the safety of the beach before giving the group some safety tips.

The St Agnes Coastguard Search and Rescue team was also present.

Then again on the evening of July 23 there were reports of someone cut off by the tide at the mouth of the Hayle Estuary.

The call came from a member of the public who was sitting at home across the river watching a person through their binoculars who appeared to be motionless as the tide rose unfortunately the rain and the mist came in making it difficult for them to see the person again so they called the coast guard.

“When we arrived at the scene, we were put in phone contact with the first informant who guided us to where the victim was last seen,” the team said in a Facebook post. .

“We quickly located the person who was packing his fishing gear to go home and was not in danger.

“It was a false alarm, but the call was with good intentions.”

“If you see anyone in danger on the coast, remember to dial 999 and ask for the coast guard.

“We would much rather see a false alarm like this than get the call too late.”

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