Synergy Marine to work with Alsym Energy on battery-powered marine transportation

ship management company Marine Synergy and Alsym Energy are ready to work together to develop battery power systems for the shipping industry.

The two firms, in collaboration with the Japanese Nissen Kaiunwill jointly develop applications for the shipping industry based on Alsym’s battery technology, Alsym said in a statement posted on its website on Wednesday.

Alsym will provide Synergy and Nissen Kaiun 1GW batteries per year for three years under the agreement. The company plans to begin production later this year, with high-volume production beginning in 2025.

“Zero-emission ships are the future of shipping, and we’re working with like-minded owners, including Nissen Kaiun, to decarbonize every part of the ecosystem as quickly as possible,” Rajesh UnniCEO of Synergy Marine, said in the statement.

“By reducing the cost of electrification and minimizing the risk of battery-related fires, Alsym’s technology is well positioned to be a safer alternative that can help the shipping industry achieve its goal of zero net emission by 2050, especially in light of the European Commission’s recent proposal to classify lithium as toxic.”