The Maritime and Coastguard Agency launches a digital tool for well-being at sea

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The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) has launched a digital tool to support the mental health and wellbeing of seafarers.

Called Wellbeing at Sea Tool, it provides the user with a digital survey and, when completed, provides them with personalized advice on how to improve their wellbeing at sea.

The data entered is anonymized and transmitted to the managers of the sailor’s company to help them better understand the priorities for improvement.

Katy Ware, director of UK Maritime Services, said: “There is – unfortunately – still a stigma around mental health. The fact that seafarers still do not feel able to talk about it or access services speaks volumes about how far we still have to go to reduce this taboo.

“That’s exactly why we launched our Wellbeing at Sea Tool. By identifying stressors and problems at an early stage, we hope the tool will help reduce stress among seafarers, which is a contributing factor to mental health problems.

Problem Report

MCA has also released a new report, jointly funded with the Department of Transport, on mental health in industry.

Entitled Wellbeing at Sea, it notes that the question is still taboo and affirms that it is necessary to better support seafarers.

Maritimes Minister Robert Courts said: “This new report will help us address this important issue, and with the support of the MCA with its new online service, we will continue to challenge the sector to take action to ensure that all seafarers are properly cared for ashore. and at sea.