Coastguard urges caution as Ex-Tropical Cyclone Fili approaches

The Coastguard is urging boaters to take a moment to secure their vessels and to monitor weather conditions closely as former Tropical Cyclone Fili passes over much of the North Island this week. Metservice is currently warning of coastal flooding, heavy rain, high winds up to 100km/h in places and rough sea conditions across much of the North Island.

Coastguard Chief of Operations Rob McCaw: “The former tropical cyclone has the potential to impact much of the North Island, creating widely hazardous conditions on the water for the majority of water users. The best rule of thumb is ‘if in doubt, don’t get out’ and to check your vessel is secure before the storm hits,” he said.

“Our Coastguard volunteers remain on hand 24/7 to provide emergency assistance to those in need on the water. For assistance on the water, call *500 toll-free from your cell phone or use your local Coast Guard VHF channel. For marine emergencies please call 111 or 16″ VHF channel.

Coastguard advice for Ex-Tropical Cyclone Fili:

  • Regularly check your local marine conditions on the MetService and Coastguard app.
  • Before the time comes, check that your boat is on a reliable and secure anchorage.
  • Avoid being at anchor if possible. If you are at sea, make sure you have a plan in place in case conditions worsen, including identifying areas where you can seek shelter.
  • Make sure your boat is watertight and your bilge pumps are working.
  • Marine conditions may be unsettled for some time after the initial cyclone has passed. Check your local marine weather forecast before getting back on the water, if in doubt, don’t go out.

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