Barge completely blocking the River Hull with the Coastguard on alert

A barge completely blocks the River Hull near the Stoneferry Bridge.

The Hull Coastguard Rescue Team were called to the scene at 10.45pm on Tuesday evening. They quickly located the vessel and found that it was stuck across the width of the river. After a few minutes of attempting to moor the barge, one of the mooring lines broke, but the vessel remained in place. The coastguard concluded they could not safely moor or board the barge after that, so they returned to the station.

The barge would be monitored by the relevant authorities and hopefully will soon be secured again. The Hull Coastguard said via their Facebook page:

“A busy time for the team as we were warned about our eighteenth task of the month, this time on a barge which completely blocked the River Hull near Stoneferry Bridge. The team quickly located the vessel and the observed stuck across the whole width of the river. Within minutes one of the morning stern ropes snapped, but luckily the ship stayed put.”

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“With no safe way for the team to embark or moor the barge, we withdrew and returned to station. The situation will be closely monitored and passed on to the appropriate authorities to secure the vessel again. .

“In an emergency in mud, water or a cliff, dial 999 and ask for the Coast Guard.”