Anemoi Marine Technologies appoints a new CEO

Anemoi Marine Technologies, Flettner Rotor’s leading innovator, has appointed veteran marine technology expert Kim Diederichsen as CEO with a mission to bring the company’s wind-assisted propulsion systems to the global marketplace.

As a leading innovator in this field, Anemoi was recently awarded Lloyd’s List ‘Vessel of the Year’ for the world’s first successful installation of a Flettner Rotor system on a gear-driven dry bulk carrier – the MV Afros. Now with a fully tested and proven solution, the company is expanding its reach to bring its patented energy saving technology to a global audience of tankers, bulk carriers, ro-ro and other ship owners.

Accepting the nomination, Kim Diederichsen said:

“In business, timing is everything and now is exactly the right time for Anemoi to launch its systems more widely. We have a unique product that has been proven to deliver significant cost reduction benefits. energy to shipowners, which will allow them to save fuel and reduce associated emissions. This is at a time when the industry is focusing on its environmental footprint and working hard to find solutions to meet ambitions to reduce It is my job to support and lead the team that will grow Anemoi from a technical innovator to a full-fledged commercial supplier of wind propulsion systems. I am extremely excited to be on board .

Diederichsen joins Anemoi with a wealth of maritime and relevant technical experience, having recently served as CEO of Bawat A/S, a Danish company providing ballast water management systems. Previously, he was SVP at Remora, responsible for sales of deep water loading and mooring systems. He combines his commercial experience with a practical knowledge of navigation having started his career at sea and qualifying as an ocean going captain.

Welcoming Diederichsen, Anemoi Chairman Dimitri Goulandris said:

“Identifying alternative energy sources for ships is becoming a priority for all responsible shipping companies. With Kim leading our team, I am confident that we will see Anemoi quickly become the go-to supplier of wind-assisted propulsion systems worldwide. He has the background and the experience to take Anemoi on the next stage of his journey and I am delighted that he has accepted the challenge”.

Anemoi’s solution is based on the onboard installation of Flettner Rotors which capitalizes on the aerodynamic phenomenon known as the Magnus Effect to provide useful propulsion to the vessel by harnessing wind energy to improve vessel efficiency. , reduce net fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions. Unique to Anemoi is its patented deployment system which allows the rotors to be moved along the deck and clear of cargo handling gear to avoid any impact on port operations. Unlike other similar solutions, this makes the Anemoi product suitable for bulk carriers, tankers, ro-ro and other types of vessels.

News from the Sea, November 29