Navy launches solicitation for $4 billion CANES onboard network competition

The US Navy has issued a request for proposals for a possible 10-year, $4.1 billion follow-on contract for the purchase and production of afloat network devices, spare parts, laboratory equipment , initial software, software renewal and maintenance services for surface, shore and subsea platforms.

The service will launch a full, open competition for Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services’ Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contract, according to a request for proposals notice posted Wednesday.

CANES is the Navy’s official program to consolidate and replace the service’s existing afloat networks to provide warfighters with the necessary infrastructure for systems, applications and services to gain an advantage in tactical cyber warfare. .

The CANES program has several objectives, such as providing a secure afloat network for naval and joint operations, advancing the use of a common computing environment and mature cross-domain technologies to reduce the number of afloat networks and reduce the infrastructure footprint and associated training, logistics and sustainment costs.

The Navy first announced its intention to conduct a full and open competition for the CANES Full Deployment Production IDIQ contract in August 2021.

Proposals are due April 14.

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