Master Marine delivers 67ft pusher to Plimsoll Marine

February 17, 2022

Plimsoll Marine, a Cooper Group company, is a lower Mississippi tugboat operator with a fleet of vessels that perform ephemeral and barge services from Baton Rouge to the Head of Passes. Plimsoll Marine/Cooper Group/Cooper/T.Smith photo

master sailor Inc. (MMI) delivered the 67’x28′ pusher captain of steel at Plimsoll Marine. the captain of steel is the fourth vessel that MMI is to deliver to Plimsoll Marine. The four state-of-the-art vessels are designed by Entech designs LLC and are fully compliant with all US Coast Guard regulatory requirements

Plimsoll Navy, a Cooper Group company, is a Lower Mississippi tugboat operator with a fleet of vessels that perform ephemeral and barge services from Baton Rouge to the Head of Passes.

“Plimsoll Marine strives to provide the lower Mississippi with premier pusher services using the most modern and capable fleet of vessels in the industry. The delivery of Steel Skipper marks another important step in this effort,” Angus R. Cooper III, President, Cooper/T. Black-smith, said in a statement announcing the delivery. “Our continued investment in building and maintaining the Plimsoll fleet demonstrates our commitment to always delivering the highest level of value to our customers.”

Main propulsion comes from the Tier 3 twin Mitsubishi diesels from Laborde Products Inc., producing 803 hp at 1,400 rpm. The mains is coupled to a pair of Sound Propeller Services Inc. 70″x48″x7″, 4-blade stainless steel propellers thru Dual disc 5321 gears. Thrust is provided by two J&S MachineryInc. 7″ grade two ABS propeller shafts with all Thordon bearings and Thorplas shaft rings and seals.

The ship’s service power is the responsibility of two Northern Lights 65KW Tier 3 electronically controlled generators, also from Laborde Products, with R. W. Fernstrum Keel Inc. coolers everywhere.

RIO and hydraulic controls Inc. supplied the steering system for the two 7″ main rudders and the four 7″ side rudders.

“Our customers expect the safest, most efficient and reliable operations, and Plimsoll Marine’s world-class team and state-of-the-art vessels ensure that we consistently exceed these expectations,” said Karl Gonzales. , vice-president of Plimsoll Marine. “Plimsoll is proud to add the captain of steel to our growing fleet of state-of-the-art pusher tugs. Paired with our experienced sailors, this vessel further ensures our ability to exceed customer expectations in the safest and most efficient manner.

Gulf Coast Air and Hydraulics Inc. provided a pair of Quincy reciprocating air compressors and fans. Maritime Schuyler LLC supplied all 18″x12″ rubber fenders around the perimeter of the vessel and the thrust knees.

RS Awards & Sons provided a Transporter mini-split HVAC system in all interior spaces with Marine Blakeney providing all bespoke interior joinery and finishes. Donavon Marine provided the great Bomar aluminum windows and Dale’s Welding and Fabricators LLC supplied the exterior aluminum doors.

WinTech International LLC supplied a pair of 40 ton deck winches and New world Inc. supplied all electronics and communications, along with an alarm system of Unlimited control and Supply Inc.

Each of the four tugs has a capacity of 10,400 gallons. fuel ; 4,359 gallons. potable water; and 9,500 gallons. of ballast water, while providing a maximum draft of 7’9″. Each vessel is equipped with three crew cabins accommodating 6 crew members, 1 ½ bathrooms and a full galley.