BHU professor selected for IODP ocean expedition to conduct research on marine energy resources

Dr. Komal Verma, assistant professor in the department of geology at the Institute of Sciences of the Hindu University of Benares (BHU) was invited to participate in the expedition 397 of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) in the Atlantic Ocean as a micropaleontologist. Dr. Verma will participate in the expedition for two months between October and December this year.

Dr. Verma will represent India in this expedition and will carry out research aboard JOIDES Resolution with international scientists from 17 countries including UK, USA, Germany, Japan and China among others . This international team of scientists will conduct research to explore the potential of marine energy resources.

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“His participation in this upcoming expedition will provide an unprecedented opportunity for advanced research and teaching of ocean science at par with international standards at BHU and in the country through international collaborations with eminent on-board scientists. “, said BHU.

The laboratory of the Department of Geology of BHU working in the field of oceanography and micropaleontology is the center for the study of global ocean and climate change on Earth during the last thousands of years and the impact of this change on marine evolution and marine organisms, the university says.

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In this center, several IODP programs are ongoing under the supervision of Prof. Arun Deo Singh, who is also recognized for several types of renowned research and achievements in this field under IODP research programs. Dr. Verma is a doctoral candidate with Dr. Singh.

“The selection of Dr. Verma for this expedition is a source of great pride for the university because the IODP is the most prestigious and important international organization in the world directed towards advanced ocean research and the most advanced research vessel on technologically. Participating scientists are selected from international groups of marine science experts,” the university added.

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