SunLive – Coast Guard call to keep boats safe this summer

Summer is here, with hundreds of thousands of Kiwis eager to get out on the water and enjoy the holidays.

However, before exiting the boat launch, the Coast Guard urges boaters to keep safety in mind.

In January and February of this year, Coastguard responded to more than 900 incidents across the country, helping more than 1,000 people return home safely.

This summer, the Coast Guard is calling on everyone to come home safely with your family, whānau, or whatever you call the most important people in your life.

Coast Guard Chief of Operations Rob McCaw reminds boaters that the decisions you make before and during your trip can have a huge impact on your family back home.

“You might have all your gear to go fishing, sailing, scuba diving or jet skiing, but do you have everything to make sure you get home safely with your family?”

“To all Skippers you have a responsibility for the safety of all on board. This means having properly fitted life jackets for everyone on board, taking them and wearing them – they never ruined a day on board. ‘water.

“Carry two forms of waterproof communication and keep an eye on the local marine weather before you go. You should also record your trip so that we know where you are going and when you plan to return.”

You can easily record a trip through the free Coastguard app, along with live weather updates, five-day forecasts for wind, weather, swell and tides, as well as save your favorite locations for access. fast next time. Download them here.

For help on the water this summer, boaters can call * 500 free from your cell phone or use your local Coast Guard VHF channel. For marine emergencies, please call 111 or VHF channel 16.

Top Coast Guard Safety Tips For Getting Home This Summer

  • Life jackets – Take ’em – wear’ em. A life jacket never spoils a day on the water. Time and time again we find that the victims of boating tragedies are usually the ones not wearing a life jacket, this is by far the most common denominator we observe and it is one of the things. the easiest for people to do.
  • Tell Us Your Plan – Pack two waterproof forms of communication (a phone and a charged and working VHF radio), then when you go, save a trip report with your VHF, * 500 on your mobile or on the Coastguard app.
  • When you cross a bar, always record a report with your VHF or by * 500 on your mobile. Responsibility of the skippers – Each skipper has a legal and moral responsibility towards everyone on board. Bring your family and friends home safely.
  • Check the weather and conditions – It is essential to check the weather before setting out on a boat.
  • Keep a close eye on marine conditions as they can change quickly. When in doubt, do not go out. You can check the weather and more specific weather conditions for your favorite fishing spot on the free Coastguard app.
  • For the complete Coastguard Preparation Checklist, including how-to videos, visit