Lucky kayaker alive and returned home for Christmas thanks to Coast Guard volunteers, Surf Life Saving and Whanganui Police


Exiting the Whanganui River to cross the bar at low tide and with a strong westerly wind was not in favor of an experienced kayaker yesterday. Shortly before 6 p.m., Wanganui Coast Guard volunteers were alerted by a member of the public who saw a kayaker capsize and parted from his kayak after attempting to navigate what can be a dangerous bar in the sea. bad circumstances.

The kayaker had descended the Whanganui River upstream and attempted to navigate the Whanganui Bar with the intention of landing on Castlecliff Beach when it capsized.

Coast Guard Chairman Wanganui Garry Hawkins said “the conditions on the bar yesterday were quite difficult with breaking waves of around 3 meters.”

“A search was done in conjunction with the local surf rescue club’s boat, we eventually saw the kayaker about 3 km from the coast and about 1 km offshore he had been separated from his kayak at this point The man was bought on board the Coast Guard rescue ship by volunteers and brought ashore before being transferred to Whanganui Hospital for further checks. It was a huge relief to spot him. and bring him back safely to land ”.

“No matter your level of experience, it is essential to check the local marine weather conditions before setting out, especially if it is essential to attempt to navigate one of the often dangerous countries and wearing a life jacket makes all the difference – they never ruined a day. on the water. Today the situation could have been very different if we hadn’t met the kayaker when we did, ” Mr Hawkins said.

Summer is upon us and the New Zealand Coast Guard expect it to be one of the busiest yet. For Kiwis our waterways are such a big part of Aotearoa’s playground, but the responsibility of the skipper, wearing life jackets and two waterproof forms of communication so you can contact someone if you have any concerns. trouble is essential to have a good day and get home safely at the end of it with family and friends.

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