SnakeWays and Can Marine announce partnership – Digital Ship

Maritime software and solutions provider SnakeWays and Can Marine Systems have announced a partnership that will see Singapore-based Can Marine become the primary distributor of marine communications services developed by Munich-headquartered SnakeWays.

SnakeWays is developing a new generation of ship-to-shore communication services using the latest technologies available. The result is a modular, cloud-based suite of services hosted on board the ship in the small, lightweight and inexpensive yet powerful SnakeBox.

The SnakeBox manages the interfaces between on-board computing and communication networks such as Inmarsat, Iridium, VSAT and GSM. It hosts SnakeWays services including SnakeMail, SnakeSwitch, SnakeWall, SnakeTrack, and SnakeDoor, as well as a database storing emails, vessel configuration, reports, and device management.

The SnakeBox’s small footprint, ease of installation and the smartphone technology on which it is based, make the SnakeBox an ideal companion to the latest Iridium and KVH, Certus 100, 200 and TracPhone V30 offerings respectively. Can Marine Systems is a major distributor of KVH and Iridium.

“The partnership announced today enhances Can Marine‘s ability to serve its customers with a fully integrated, state-of-the-art technology solution that meets the current and future communication needs of these customer vessels,” commented Peter Schulze, CEO of SnakeWays.

“SnakeWays customers will in turn see their individual solution delivered and supported by the highly skilled Can Marine team. The SnakeWays customer experience will be enhanced thanks to Can Marine’s professional teams and global support services ”.