Use of social networks – Navy and Coast Guard Agency

We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and our blogs to communicate with you.

Our official social media channels and blogs are managed by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) communications team.

If you follow our channels, you can expect regular posts covering:

  • news and press releases
  • safety messages regarding the use of the coast and the sea
  • photos, videos, podcasts and other media
  • re-sharing of notable announcements and safety messages by UK government departments, organizations and partners


Our official Facebook page is:

In addition, the following Coastguard Maritime Coordination Centers (MRCCs) have Facebook pages:


Our official Instagram account:


Our official Twitter accounts:

  • @MCA_media – for Agency and MCA regulatory news
  • @HMCoastguard – for safety messages and coverage of search and rescue activities
  • @UKShipRegister – for UK Flag service updates and relevant information for UKSR customers
  • @UKShipConcierge – for updates regarding the concierge service that helps maritime companies interact with government departments


Our LinkedIn Company Pages, which we use to share more industry-relevant or commerce-based content:

  • Maritime and Coastguard Agency – for MCA Agency and regulatory news

  • UK Ship Register – for UK Flag service updates and relevant information for UKSR customers

  • UK Shipping Concierge – for updates on the concierge service which helps shipping businesses interact with government departments

  • HM Coastguard – this company profile is not actively used to post content, but may be assigned by relevant staff to display their current or previous role within HM Coastguard


Our YouTube channel which offers short videos on coastal safety, search and rescue incidents and the regulatory work of the MCA.

On YouTube, we:

  • do not post any abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic or other comments that we consider to be inflammatory
  • will add videos of coastal safety interest to our playlists from time to time, but this does not imply endorsement by the MCA


We have two blogs that we use to facilitate the distribution of press releases:

  • HM Coastguard Blogspot – which offers updates on recent incidents on the coast or at sea and general safety messages

  • MCA Blogspot – which provides updates regarding MCA’s work, recent projects and activity

Volunteer social media pages

Our volunteer Coastguard Rescue Teams can also operate social media accounts to help educate and share safety messages with their area.

Coastguard Rescue Volunteers are required to adhere to our social media and data privacy policies.

Our communications team moderates each channel seven days a week.

We look forward to your comments and participation in the discussions on this page and would like to post as many of them as possible. However, we ask our subscribers to adhere to certain good practices and conventions of polite and constructive speech.

We will remove and/or report:

  • abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic or inflammatory comments
  • unwelcome comments considered spam
  • personal information provided such as phone numbers, contact details and driver’s license numbers (we do not keep track of personal information deleted)
  • comments containing abusive language towards anyone involved in the thread, other organizations or the Page admin
  • comments completely off the topic of conversation or unrelated to the item displayed on the wall
  • messages that clearly advertise commercial activity, or solicitations for donations or any kind of money

We encourage open and lively debate, but the decision to publish comments received through this site remains at the discretion of the administrator. Comments that violate any of the above rules will be deleted or not posted. We will not modify any of your comments.

We do not commit to responding to individual repeat offenders and repeat offenders may be “muted” or blocked indefinitely.

We may at any time, without notice, revise this policy and any other information contained on this page.


  • welcome comments, ideas and engagement from all our followers
  • may follow or like you back if you follow or like us – being followed by us does not imply endorsement of any kind
  • do not accept requests to be added as a contact on individuals’ YouTube accounts
  • may choose to share content that we consider relevant to us
  • may share from our social media accounts, but this does not imply endorsement of any kind
  • On Twitter, we’ll retweet you if you ask us to publicize an event or activity that relates to your work and the MCAs – for example, if you’re a volunteer lifeguard or rescue worker
  • On Twitter, we retweet (without being asked) tweets that we believe are relevant to our work and policies
  • respond to inquiries on our social media channels
  • aim to answer simple questions from members of the public by directing them to an appropriate page on GOV.UK
  • do not discuss personal details via our social media channels and will ask customers to contact us by phone or email in such cases
  • will endeavor to read all @replies and direct messages, and ensure that any emerging themes or helpful suggestions are forwarded to relevant MCA colleagues
  • cannot engage in partisan political matters or answer questions that violate the rules of the Civil Service Code or the General House Rules
  • does not undertake to respond to each individual comment, reply or message
  • assumes no responsibility for the unavailability of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram
  • We are not responsible for the advertising content on social media sites and we do not choose the advertisements that appear on our pages.
  • The usual ways to contact us for official correspondence are detailed in the contact MCA section of our website.

Reuse of our social media content

Under the Open Government License, you are free to:

  • copy, publish, distribute and transmit the information
  • adapt the information
  • exploit the information for commercial and non-commercial purposes, such as combining it with other information or including it in your own product or application

You must acknowledge the source of the information by including this attribution statement:

“Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government License v3.0”

Reuse of video content

There are different rules regarding the reuse of our video content.

You can stream our videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and share posts from our accounts and embed or link to videos (where the embedding option is available) in your website.

You can not:

  • download our videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or any other channel
  • upload copies of our videos to your own YouTube channel, other video-sharing service or social media channel

Our Social Media Privacy Policy covers how we handle your data if you contact us via social media and your rights.

More information

Please contact [email protected] with any questions regarding MCA’s use of social media.