ABB gives shipowners a boost in digitization

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Logbook staff

Image: ABB

To meet growing market demand for direct entry into digitization, ABB has launched a new solution for collecting and recording vessel performance data on board.

The new ABB Ability OneBox marine signal monitoring solution transfers signals from onboard sensors to a cloud infrastructure for shipowner access and analysis.

Better understanding and continuous learning about vessel performance enables smarter decision making to improve operational efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Based on this information, shipowners can calculate fuel consumption and assess the possible need for additional measures to ensure compliance with the Maritime Organization‘s EEXI (Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index) and CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator) targets. international.

“With many merchant navy players looking for a cost effective way to start their digital transformation process, we are excited to add OneBox to the solutions that ABB offers in the market,” said Antto Shemeikka, Head of Services digital, ABB Marine & Ports. “OneBox can be implemented quickly, cost effectively and with minimal effort, and seamlessly upgraded to keep pace with changing digital demands. Owners with no previous experience of digitizing their vessel operations can gain valuable insight into vessel performance and transform their operational decision making on board existing vessels, for example by using the system’s built-in signals. display and information of electronic charts (ECDIS), fuel systems, engines and shaft power meter.

ABB claims that OneBox is simple to install and maintain, with on-board or remote commissioning, and future-proof, as it is compatible with any platform that enables analysis and interpretation of data and can be expanded to include additional equipment sensors. Vessel operating data can be visualized using ABB analysis software such as ABB Ability Marine Fleet Intelligence Real-Time Fleet Monitoring and Analysis, ABB Ability Genix Industrial Analytics and AI Suite, or a third-party web platform.

“OneBox demonstrates our commitment to supporting shipping lines in their digitization strategies,” said Shemeikka. “By continuing to provide shipowners with smart digital solutions, we are contributing to a smarter, greener and more efficient marine environment. “