China’s coast guard uses water cannons and blocks Philippine ships from reaching disputed shoal in South China Sea, World News

In a latest development in the choppy South China Sea, Chinese Coast Guard vessels used water cannons and blocked two Filipino supply boats heading for a disputed shoal, which was occupied by Filipino marines in the region. The action drew an angry protest from Manila.

On Thursday, the Philippine foreign minister warned that his ships were covered by a mutual defense treaty with the United States.

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The South China Sea has seemed like a bone of contention for a long time. Several nations, such as China, the Philippines, etc., are at odds due to overlapping claims in the region.

During the incident, no one was injured in the disputed waters on Tuesday, Teodoro Locsin Jr said.

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The secretary added that the two supply ships had to abandon their mission to provide food to the Philippine forces, which occupied the Second Thomas Shoal, which lies off the western province of Palawan in the internationally recognized exclusive economic zone of the Philippines. Philippines.


In a tweet, Locsin said the actions of three Chinese Coast Guard vessels were illegal. The secretary asked them “to be careful and step back”.

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