These Coast Guard ships are 4UNZ – Thanks to Lotto NZ players

Unique Partnership Between Lotto NZ, Coastguard and Emirates Team New Zealand Brings America’s Cup Fighter Boats Back to Water, Refitted as New High Quality Rescue Vessels for Coastguard with $ 9.8 Million in Funding of dollars.

When the crew of the Coastguard Great Barrier received their brand new, high quality lifeboat yesterday, they had a lot of people to thank.

Their was the first of 26 new ships to be added to Coastguard New Zealand’s fleet this summer, thanks to a unique partnership with Lotto NZ and Emirates Team New Zealand – funded 100 percent by a $ 9.8 million lottery. of dollars made possible by the millions of Kiwis who play Lotto NZ games every year.

Originally used as hunting boats in this year’s America’s Cup, the boats were refitted to meet specific Coast Guard service demands and renamed for Coast Guard units across the country that had were identified as having aging vessels and limited fundraising capacity.

Over the next few months, 18 ships tailored to the specific demands of the areas they patrol will be delivered to Coast Guard units from Houhora in the north to Dunedin in the south. Two other vessels will be retained as training boats for centralized crew training needs, with two more on standby to support units as needed. Projects over the next 12-24 months will see four more ships delivered to other units with more personalized needs.

Great Barrier’s new Coast Guard Rescue Vessel (CRV) is a 12.5m Rayglass protector with a raised cabin and powered by twin 350hp Mercury outboard motors. Capable of operating continuously at speeds of up to 40 knots, this high speed rescue vessel is well equipped to enable the Coastguard Great Barrier team to service boaters around the island and beyond.

New Zealand Coast Guard chief executive Callum Gillespie said the new CRVs will allow volunteers to continue their rescue work in their communities.

“It’s fantastic to finally start delivering the 4UNZ fleet to the communities of New Zealand – the Great Barrier being a well-deserved unit to start with. Great Barrier’s current ship is from the America’s Cup 2000, so this community is in dire need of an upgrade – like many Coast Guard units across Aotearoa. This small crew can service a small community, but surrounded by water the unit needs a fast, capable and enduring ship to support people across the Hauraki Gulf, ”he said.

“COVID-19 has delayed deployment, but kudos to Rayglass for completing these arrangements during the lockdown. We also couldn’t have done it without our partners Emirates Team New Zealand and Lotto New Zealand, thanks to the $ 9.8 million lottery grant. We thank them for their unwavering support in ensuring that units around New Zealand can continue to save lives at sea for years to come. “

Lotto NZ Managing Director Chris Lyman said supporting the vital work of Coast Guard units across the country is what Lotto NZ is all about.

“Lotto NZ exists to generate vital funding for New Zealand communities – that’s why we do what we do. The positive impact these high-end vessels will have on communities across the country cannot be underestimated, each helping the Coast Guard do their incredible job saving lives at sea. ”

“We’re incredibly proud to help make this possible – and ultimately each of these boats is due to the millions of Kiwis who take a ticket to a Lotto NZ game. This is really a great example of Kiwis helping Kiwis.

Emirates Team New Zealand CEO Grant Dalton says their involvement in this unique partnership remains a source of pride for the entire team.

“The Coast Guard are the unsung heroes of our waters across the country so it’s great to see the same ships that have supported us freshly refitted and plunged back into the water to help save lives.”

As for what this first of the new boats means for the Great Barrier Reef community, we’ll leave the last word to one of their unsung heroes, Coast Guard crew member Brent Henderson.

“With one of New Zealand’s toughest bodies of water around us, we’ve had to venture into 60-knot winds and six-meter swells in the past. This specially designed new boat will not only help us keep us safe to respond to distress calls in these extreme environments, but also care for our community and the many boaters who venture down this path and beyond.

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