New Eastern Shipbuilding C5ISR production facility supports OPC construction


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Joey D’Isernia, President of Eastern Shipbuilding Group cuts the ribbon to inaugurate the new C5ISR production plant,

Eastern Shipbuilding Group commissioned a new C5ISR (Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) production facility this week at its Allanton, Florida shipyard. The new dedicated shore-based facility is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the US Coast Guard‘s (OPC) Offshore Patroller Program to support the construction, integration and testing of the C5ISR system prior to its installation aboard the vessel.

Co-locating C5ISR components with the shipbuilding activity significantly reduces program risks and costs, increases efficiency, and creates a more secure and collaborative environment for systems integration. The state-of-the-art facility is capable of accommodating two full-scale C5ISR operations spaces onboard the ship and the OPC deck to accurately replicate the on-board facilities and stay in sync with the ship’s construction schedule. ESG received test readiness approval from USCG and began formal testing in August 2021.

ESG’s C5ISR PF is backed by several key industry leaders. Northrop Grumman (NG) is the lead C5ISR system integrator and design agent. L3Harris (L3H) is responsible for the outdoor communications system, cybersecurity and design agent for the Aegis BL9G and AN / SPS-77 (V) 3 multimode radar systems. Hose-McCann Communications (HMC) is responsible for the interior communication system. Rohde & Schwartz is responsible for the direction finder and identifies friendly or enemy systems. Mid Atlantic Technical Engineering Services (MAETS) is responsible for the development and construction of the C5ISR rack. Scientific Research Corporation (SRC) is responsible for the development and construction of the C5ISR rack.

“I would like to thank our partners for their dedication and strong collaboration in supporting the OPC program,” said Joey D’Isernia, President of Eastern Shipbuilding Group. “The commissioning of this C5ISR production unit is an important event for our company and the program. I believe this is the very first C5ISR on-site installation of a major DHS marine construction program and is specifically designed to reduce risk to USCG. The co-location of the shipbuilder and C5 suppliers brings together the best of the best under one roof and inherently makes it more efficient, reliable and profitable during production. Installations of similar size and complexity are not co-located in other shipyards and therefore cannot provide these benefits. “

“As a C5ISR Primary Systems Integrator, Northrop Grumman draws on extensive experience in maritime systems integration and testing, including work on the US Coast Guard and US Navy destroyers, naval vessels. Large-deck amphibious warfare and littoral combat ships, ”said Todd Leavitt, vice president, Northrop Grumman. “We have many engineers on site at ESG’s production facility leading both the C5ISR and cybersecurity related activities. This close collaboration with ESG and our industry partners offers significant efficiencies as well as reduced cost and schedule risks for the US Coast Guard. “

Eastern is currently performing intra- and inter-system integration and functional testing for OPC C5ISR systems. Having the production facility located on the shipyard site allows ESG to mitigate risk by providing comprehensive business monitoring and improved response times. ESG may also use the C5ISR suite on site to perform cross-platform operability testing with the OPC during testing. ESG can mitigate the risk of cyber vulnerabilities with comprehensive scans and patches before installation on board the ship, reducing the impact on costs and schedule to support a full operating authorization (ATO) at the delivery.

The installation includes a fully functional full-scale mock-up of the OPC’s electronic spaces, including the actual equipment of the vessel. It is sized to support two OPC electronics suites in large scale mockups while supporting simultaneous test events. The PF will also be used to perform C5ISR factory training and familiarization training for OPC crew members using the full suite of on-board electronic space equipment in full scale mock-ups.

Construction of the facility was funded by statutory appropriations from the State of Florida, demonstrating the state and regional commitment to the OPC program. The facility employs over 25 full-time people during testing, providing the region with highly paid and skilled STEM jobs in the highly competitive electronics and cybersecurity industries.


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