Strategic Marine unveils a new design for a fast-crewed boat


Shipbuilder Strategic Marine has unveiled its new 42m Gen 4 Aluminum Fast Crew Boat (FCB) design.

According to the company, the vessel has a new efficient hull shape and a Z-shaped bow that improves seakeeping, requires less power for the same speed and deadweight (DWT), reducing fuel consumption. fuel and emissions.

“The new hull shape was developed in collaboration with Southerly Designs with CFD analysis and optimization by Seaspeed Marine Consulting. It has been subjected to extensive model testing at the Australian Maritime College to further verify and validate the predictions of performance, ”Strategic Marine said.

The company claims that test results confirmed that the strength of the shell is reduced by more than 8% compared to the Gen 3 shell form launched in 2014.

The new Gen 4 FCB is 42m long, with a load capacity of 190 DWT, an unobstructed deck area of ​​140m2, a deck area of ​​120m2 and a deck load capacity of 2.5 tons / m2 . It can accommodate between 80 and 100 business class passengers and can accommodate 12 crew members in seven berths and a medical room / office.

In addition, an optional gyro stabilizer reduces vessel roll motion, increasing safety and efficiency during personnel transfers.

The gyroscope coupled with an optional motion compensated gangway provides the ultimate level of safety for personnel transfers to the offshore installation, Strategic Marine said. The vessel can also be equipped with a stand-alone control module for local or remote stand-alone operations.

The Gen 4 FCB can be fitted with three Cummins KTA 50 M2 engines, delivering an output of 4,026 kW (5,400 hp). The vessel can reach a service speed of over 30 knots at 85% MCR with a maximum speed of 32 knots at 100% MCR and the fuel consumption at service speed is approximately 827 liters / h (3 engines).

The vessel has obtained “approval in principle” with Lloyds, BV and RINA.Credit: Strategic Navy


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