Scottish Coast Guard bosses warn residents not to ‘take chances’ as massive military exercise begins on west coast


Coast Guard bosses have warned of a “dramatic increase” in the number of military planes and ships around Scotland as a huge operation begins today.

We explained yesterday that an armada of warships from around the world is expected in Glasgow this week as part of NATO’s massive Joint Warrior exercise.

Now the Ardrossan Coast Guard Rescue Team has told residents of Ayrshires and the West Coast to be aware of the massive traffic resulting from the training exercise.

The armed forces of 11 nations participate

Armed forces from 11 countries are participating: the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, France, Norway, Latvia, Germany and the United States.

The massive training operation will involve bringing 25 warships, three submarines, more than 30 aircraft and approximately 6,750 military personnel, including 500 soldiers on the ground, to military firing ranges across the country and to areas of ‘maritime exercises off the west and north coasts of Scotland.

Dramatic footage released by the Coast Guard shows some of the fearsome craft that will participate.

A Coast Guard statement tells people not to put themselves in danger.

The submarines will be in Scottish waters

It reads: “A multinational military exercise will see a dramatic increase in military activity in the skies over Ayrshire and in the seas along the west coast of Scotland.

UK-hosted multinational tri-service exercise Joint Warrior, part of Exercise Dynamic Mariner 21, begins this weekend with warships and military planes already making their presence known along the coast from Ayrshire.

“Prestwick Airport will also continue to play an important role in the training exercise with an increase in the number of military aircraft operating and visiting the airport.

Joint Warrior 212 is part of Exercise Dynamic Mariner 21 and will be the site of the UK Carrier Strike Force’s maritime assessment in its preparation for NATO Ready Force (NRF) 2022.

Planes will also participate

Joint Warrior (which takes place twice a year, in the spring and fall) and Dynamic Mariner is designed, planned and executed by the Joint Tactical Exercise Planning Staff (JTEPS) based at Northwood in London, some of whom will be deployed to HM Clyde Naval Station to coordinate events during the fortnight.

“If you are planning to visit the coast, especially during the first few days of the exercise in order to take a look at the flotilla as the warships head out to sea, be sure to pay close attention. and not to put yourself at any risk for a photograph. “

A Royal Navy spokesperson said: “This massive multinational war exercise involves warships, planes, navies and troops from the UK, NATO and Allied forces.

“The exercise not only allows participating units to refine their specialist roles within a larger war-type setting, it also helps foster vital links between the UK, NATO and other Allied armies. .

“The goal is to provide a complex environment in which participants can train together, hone their tactics and skills for deployment as a combined joint task force.

“Each Joint Warrior’s scenario is designed to reflect contemporary political tensions – such as the war on terrorism and the threat posed by ISIS – and to simulate the hostilities that could result. The ultimate goal? To ensure maximum preparedness in the face of of any threat.

Taking place over two weeks, Joint Warrior includes airborne assaults, amphibious landings, evacuations and live fire exercises. HMS Prince of Wales is also expected to participate.

The multinational exercise will run from Saturday September 18 through Thursday September 30 and includes a number of participating ships departing from West Coast ports.


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