World’s Largest 3D Printed Edge Fitting


Keppel Technology & Innovation (KTI) received a verification certificate for a 3D printed Panama Chock (SWL150Ton) type from DNV, the global additive manufacturing technology center of excellence of the insurance provider and independent energy expert in Singapore . The component, which is intended for out-of-class marine applications, is the world’s largest 3D printed on-board fitting.

Panama Chocks are great towing and mooring accessories on board ships, traditionally made by casting, and are welded to a ship as a supporting hull structure. This component was manufactured by KTI’s partner AML3D (ASX: AL3) using their patented Additive Manufacturing Wire (WAM®) process which used a medium strength structural steel wire feedstock. ER70S-6.

Verification by DNV follows extensive research, production and testing by KTI with Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M) end users and AML3D technology partners and confirms that the component has met all testing requirements main in the specification of KTI project materials with satisfactory results. For more information, see the IDTechEx 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 2020-2030 Report: COVID Edition.

François van Raemdonck, Managing Director of KTI, said “KTI has been working on this project with Keppel O&M, DNV and AML3D since 2019, and we are proud to get this approval. Keppel is transforming the way it harnesses technology and KTI is supporting it by working with Keppel business units to innovate and create This is in line with Keppel’s Vision 2030, which includes the use of cutting-edge technologies to drive growth.

Additive manufacturing (AM) – the industrial equivalent of 3D printing – is an emerging technology that uses data from 3D models to manufacture parts, allowing, among other benefits, significant time savings. Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing, or WAAM, has the potential to enable a shift in productivity in shipbuilding and is capable of 3D printing marine grade metal structures at a scale far beyond other metal 3D printing technologies. commercially available.

Aziz Merchant, Executive Director of Keppel Marine & Deepwater Technology, the technology arm of Keppel O&M, said “Keppel O&M is constantly exploring new technologies to stay ahead of the industry and additive manufacturing has the potential to increase the efficiency of shipyard operations. 3D printing of the Panama Chock shows that large components can be rendered available with shorter delivery times and with quality and performance standards We are encouraged by the audit and look forward to exploring how AM can be implemented on a larger scale.

As part of the qualification process, a 1450 kg Panama Chock was designed and produced to meet international standards and KTI project specific material specifications. The yield strength of the material was twice that of the original cast material and was produced with acceptable internal strength which was confirmed by various methods of non-destructive testing and evaluation. The part was then tested under proof load at a load 20% greater than its design workload. After the successful load test, non-destructive and destructive testing, the results were reviewed by all parties before the release of the final verification statement.

“It’s nice to see further advancements within the offshore and marine industry with this development for the world’s largest 3D printed shipboard equipment. Creating trust is essential for the acceptance of 3D printed parts and the DNV certificate plays an important role in ensuring that this is the case. “ said Brice Le Gallo, Regional Director, Asia Pacific Energy Systems at DNV.

Dr Sastry Kandukuri, Senior Materials Specialist, Energy Systems at DNV, added: “I am very pleased that our global additive manufacturing technology center of excellence was able to help KTI reach this milestone. Our multidisciplinary team of experts across DNV with a combined AM service experience of over 20,000 hours look forward to to continue working with KTI as they develop and qualify AML3D’s WAM® 3D printing capabilities. “

Andrew Sales, CEO of AML3D, said: “We are proud to have been able to partner with KTI and demonstrate the benefits of our patented Additive Manufacturing Yarn (WAM®) capabilities in creating the largest 3D printed Panama Chock in the world. In addition, we are just as excited to see that WAM® printed components receive official verification by DNV. This now provides a path to quality assurance for a wide range of components that can go through a similar validation process. This is a fantastic achievement from DNV, KTI, the AML3D team and our other partners in this Working with KTI’s vision for AM implementation has been a further endorsement of our own business model and we are excited to the future.

The printed material (Panama Chock) has been subjected to extensive testing by the DNV laboratory in Singapore and Marinelift Testing & Supply Pte Ltd. Singapore. Researchers and test engineers used advanced microanalysis instruments to generate high-quality microstructural information and images. Additionally, both mechanical and non-destructive testing were evaluated and compared to established marine grade cast materials.

Throughout the production and testing processes, there has been a close and collaborative engagement between DNV, KTI and AML3D. Factors such as functional specifications, safety, test procedures and acceptance criteria have all been subjected to careful scrutiny by experts.

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About AML3D Limited

AML3D Limited is an Australian public company incorporated on November 14, 2014 and currently operates out of its manufacturing center in Adelaide. The company specializes in providing “additive metal lamination” large-scale commercial 3D printing services to defense, marine, automotive and resource customers. The Company has marketed its technology through the Australian patent: 2019251514, the brands WAM®, AML3D® and its proprietary software WAMSoft® and AMLSoft®, which combine metallurgical science and technical design to fully automate the 3D printing process at l using advanced robotic technology.

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