Evergreen Marine renews its LTSSP contract with Kongsberg

Along with the support program, Evergreen Marine Corporation will benefit from a complete upgrade to its simulator suite which, among other things, includes fully equipped K-Sim engine simulators for high-quality training of marine engineers (Photo: Kongsberg Digital)

Kongsberg Digital (KDI) has announced that its Long Term System Support Program (LTSSP) contract with Evergreen Marine Corporation has been renewed for 10 years.

The Taiwanese shipping company, one of the largest of its kind in the world, has been using KONGSBERG simulators for crew training for over 20 years, with the first marine simulator being delivered to the company’s training center in 1999. Since then , Evergreen Marine Corp. used KONGSBERG simulator solutions to train its crews, and the renewal of the agreement between the two companies secures this commitment for a new decade.

The new LTSSP contract commits KDI to upgrade the majority of K-Sim Bridge consoles and hardware in the Evergreen Marine Training Center. The centre’s Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) lab will also receive an upgrade, while its Polaris simulator will be replaced by the latest next-generation K-Sim navigation model, offering a increased precision and realism for optimal crew training. and a compelling immersive simulation.

This overhaul of the centre’s simulation technology will also include an upgrade of its existing full mission engine simulator to a K-Sim engine type, complemented by a new engine model MAN 6S70ME. Equipped with a scrubber system and KONGSBERG’s patented IAS (Integrated Automation System), it exemplifies the level of detail provided by next-generation KDI simulators, allowing Evergreen Marine to refresh its program and continue to train its crew to achieve the highest level of operation and navigation. competence, said Kongsberg Digital.

“Our fleet is made up of very large vessels that regularly have to navigate extreme weather conditions, so it is essential that our crews are fully prepared for any challenge,” said Eddie Pai, junior vice president, Evergreen Marine Corp. “In the past For 20 years, the Evergreen Seafarer Training Center has worked tirelessly to improve the professional skills of crew members, expanding their knowledge base and sparing no effort to prevent accidents at sea and combat pollution. Marine. We are very excited to move forward into another decade with KDI, providing us with the most advanced simulation training equipment and all the maintenance support we could possibly need. “

“The new 10-year contract renewal is a testament to Evergreen Marine’s confidence in KDI’s maritime simulation training solutions,” added Andreas Jagtøyen, Executive Vice President Digital Ocean, Kongsberg Digital. “At the end of this contract, KONGSBERG will have ensured technological continuity at Evergreen Marine for more than 30 years. This is clear proof of our long-term commitment to supporting the maritime industry, through the combination of the long product life cycle of our simulators and the extensive service provided by our 24/7 support network. 7.

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