CCS unit put to the test


Value Maritime installed what it called a “world first” on board a CO₂ capture and storage unit on an operational vessel.

The module will be integrated into Value Maritime’s Filtered system; a small prefabricated and preinstalled “plug and play” gas cleaning system. Value Maritime’s first COâ‚‚ capture module and COâ‚‚ battery will be installed on Visser Shipping’s Nordica vessel, operated by X-Press Feeders, in October of this year, which Value Maritime says makes Nordica the first vessel to capture and store COâ‚‚ on board a vessel while in operation.

The Value Maritime system is based on patented technology to remove COâ‚‚ from ship’s exhaust gases. COâ‚‚ is used to charge Value Maritime’s COâ‚‚ battery, and an onboard storage facility can charge and discharge COâ‚‚ indefinitely. The charged COâ‚‚ battery will then be discharged at the ports and transported to COâ‚‚ customers who “reuse” the COâ‚‚. After COâ‚‚ discharge, the COâ‚‚ battery returns to the ship, to be recharged with COâ‚‚.

Bureau Vertitas is involved in the relevant approval of the system, and Value Maritime will start charging and discharging COâ‚‚ batteries at the Rotterdam marine terminal to discharge the batteries in greenhouses in the Rotterdam area, which reuse CO2 to grow their crops. cultures.


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