E1 Marine appoints Klarup Commercial Director

Hydrogen methanol generation technology company e1 Marine has announced the appointment of Maite Klarup as Commercial Director.

Called to lead the implementation of e1 Marine’s business strategy, Klarup brings to this role more than 20 years of leadership experience gained at BIMCO, THOME Group, Nordana and WISTA in the shipping markets in North America. and South, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Stuart Crawford, Managing Director of e1 Marine, said: “[Klarup’s] Extensive experience and passion for shipping will be integral to our ability to deliver on the promise we made in our vision to drive positive change in shipping. Using our methanol reforming technology, we enable the direct generation of hydrogen on board, solving today’s hydrogen transport and storage problems and positioning the marine world on the path to fulfilling IMO mandates. on emission targets.

Klarup said: “Previous energy revolutions, as we went from rowing to sailing to steam and diesel, took centuries and decades to materialize. However, we don’t have the option to wait that long now. In recent months, companies as diverse as Trafigura, Torvald Klaveness and the Port of Rotterdam have recognized that our maritime future will be hydrogenated – and it is time for the rest of maritime transport to embark.

“The cleanest and most realistic fuels for the future of shipping are hydrogen-based, and the e1 Marine hydrogen generator, when combined with a PEM fuel cell, makes it a short-term reality. Even when running on standard methanol, our hydrogen generator produces no particles, NOX, no SOX emissions and 28% less CO2 than a diesel generator. With efficient future carbon capture, it can even become CO2 negative.

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