SunLive – Tauranga Volunteer Coastguard to the rescue


The Tauranga Coast Guard crew were called in yesterday to help a vessel that was taking on water.

“A pump helped drain most of the water from the ship, it was then barged to Sulfur Point Marina and taken out of the water for repairs,” a guard spokesman said. -voluntary ribs of Tauranga on the organization’s Facebook page.

Tauranga’s volunteer coastguard appears to have been quite busy during the recent fine winter weather, as boating enthusiasts take to the water to enjoy the marine environment.

On August 11, volunteer captains from the Tauranga Coast Guard assisted a boat with electrical problems.

“Fortunately for the owner, this is a member of the Coast Guard and the vessel has been towed safely to the marina,” said a spokesperson for Tauranga Volunteer Coastguard.

Over the past 12 months, the Volunteer Coast Guard in Tauranga has participated in 219 calls, helping 550 people return home safely.

“Although many people choose to park their boat during the winter, it is still important to follow up on maintenance so that they are ready when the warmer weather returns,” says a spokesperson for Tauranga Volunteer Coastguard.

Suggestions and tips for catching up on boat maintenance include cleaning and treating fiberglass and wood finishes, checking gaskets and canvas covers for wear, cleaning and draining hold and check valves, first aid equipment and fire extinguisher.

It is also important to thoroughly flush the engine and check filters and spark over.

Tauranga Volunteer Coastguard advises boat owners to invest in safety equipment such as reliable VHF units, life jackets, navigation equipment, EPIRBs and flares. It is also recommended that you obtain a Restricted Maritime Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate and update Tauranga Coast Guard Volunteer Membership.

Tauranga Coastguard is fully funded by public donations, fundraisers, member donations, subscriptions and by generous sponsors such as Eves, Pak ‘n Save Papamoa, Bay of Plenty Regional Council Dive Zone Tauranga, Action Sports Direct, Port of Tauranga, Wicked Eye, Sportcraft, TECT, MediTrain Skills for Life, Holland Beckett Law, Pub Charity, Tauranga SsangYong, Acorn Foundation and First Mortgage Trust. It is run by highly trained and unpaid volunteers.

In July, TECT provided a grant of $ 18,000 to help fund training and support for all volunteers.

Being rescued by a Coast Guard unit can be a very expensive exercise if a boat owner is not a Coast Guard member. The cost of membership is very low.

By making a $ 10 membership payment – plus they’re asking for an optional $ 90 donation – to Tauranga Volunteer Coastguard, members of the public are directly supporting their local coastguard unit. Any donation will give entitlement to a personal tax credit.

“If the situation arises and you need help on the water for you and your boat, in a non-emergency situation, you can rest assured that our volunteers will come to your aid. This includes collecting you and, if possible, your ship to the nearest safe port, ”said a spokesperson for the Tauranga Volunteer Coast Guard.

“You are also covered by all units in the country if you are outside the Tauranga region. “

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