Marine Advanced Robotics and Planck Aerosystems launch the sUAS-USV alliance

A strategic alliance between Marine Advanced Robotics and Planck Aerosystems will seek to support a wide range of advanced maritime missions through a combination of an integrated system of unmanned aircraft and surface vessels, Hydro International reported on Tuesday.

Planck Aerosystems ‘sUAS team and Marine Advanced Robotics’ Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel technology can be used to conduct defense and security missions, inspect offshore infrastructure, and patrol marine protected areas and exclusive economic zones.

The sUAS has a push-button capability that can operate autonomous launch, recovery, securing and recharging while the USV can move independently in high seas conditions and cover long distances.

“The combination of Planck’s unmanned aircraft system and Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel technology will provide better situational awareness for multiple applications,” said Mark Gundersen, CEO of Marine Advanced Robotics.

Dave Twining, COO of Planck Aerosystems, said the WAM-Vs are the appropriate autonomous maritime vessel for UAS operations.

Hydro International noted that the integrated system is being tested and will be offered in the fourth quarter of 2021 as enabling capacity.

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