Maraetai Coast Guard assist in fire rescue


Local coastguard crews assisted in a recent emergency involving a fire on a boat. Photo provided Coast Guard Maraetai

A man’s yacht caught fire near Panmure Marina after an electrical problem on July 25.

The Maraetai Coast Guard MR1 was docked next to Lion Foundation Rescue in Wharf Bay, where the crew heard a distress call on the VHF radio.

In less than 12 minutes, the MR1 picked up the firefighters at the Panmure nautical club and took them to the 40-foot (12.2 m) ferrocement yacht on a mooring a few hundred meters away.

The media reported that before the entry of the Maraetai Coast Guard; the man was desperately trying to save his boat by carrying firefighters there in his dinghy.

Kerry Johnson, captain of the Maraetai Coast Guard, recalls that the man “had already put a firefighter in front of the yacht club”.

“The other two were doing what they could to control the fire.”

The fire was extinguished within 15 minutes.

After the smoke and steam were gone, the crew pumped out the water.

“Having never used our fire engine on a real fire before, it was great to see that it really works. “

The man living on board had cut a small double electric core which was energized and not fused.

“In four seconds he had smoke and a fire in his electrical locker.”

He then called 111 because he did not have a fire extinguisher.

Johnson said if the yacht was made of wood or fiberglass it would have sunk.

The exterior temperature of the hull reached 130 degrees and large areas of paint had chipped off.


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