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Do not hesitate to join us for Marine Propulsion Webinar Week

The machine room. Remote maintenance. Frequency converters. Noise and vibrations.

Starting Monday, July 26, Riviera will host a series of webinars focusing on engine room design and safety, remote maintenance, frequency converters, noise and vibration. Each webinar is meticulously researched and addresses a key industry challenge, puzzle or opportunity.

Our webinars are designed to strike the right balance between conveying key information and interacting with the assembled group of experts. Those who register will also receive copies of the webinar material after the event.

Our discussions are focused, cover the topics advertised, and provide registrants with actionable information.

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To secure a position on any of the webinar panels, as a Premium Partner or Sponsored Presenter and Panelist, please contact Tom Kenny. A number of positions are available throughout our webinar weeks for our business partners on a first come, first served basis.

Please join us for any or all of the following:

Engine room design, crew training and fire safety

Dated: Monday July 26 – Time: 09h00-09h45 BST

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Random engine room design and shortcomings in crew training are the cause of most engine room fires. This webinar will detail how risk can be well managed through the right approach to design and training, protecting life and avoiding insurance claims that typically cost six times more than standard claims for cases and cases. machines.

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  • Engine room design, including the impact of using alternative fuels
  • Fire fighting systems and equipment
  • Ventilation and air control
  • Crew training and awareness
  • Good engine maintenance and sources of ignition

Panelists include:

Dr Reza Akbari Alashti, Training Manager, Columbia Ship Management
Peter Stålberg, Senior Technical Advisor, The Swedish Club

Remote maintenance – condition monitoring
in times of COVID

Dated: Tuesday July 27 – Time: 2:00 p.m. – 2:45 p.m. BST

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With COVID guidelines restricting access on board ships, remote condition monitoring is deployed to diagnose potential engine and propulsion health issues, increase operational efficiency and maximize uptime. The fact that flag administrations have started to endorse the use of remote technology for inspections underscores the extent to which remote monitoring and maintenance has entered the ocean stream.

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  • How condition monitoring works now
    – Monitor level 1 data until it crosses a threshold
    – Use level 2 data to determine the root cause
  • How condition monitoring worked before COVID
  • Remote monitoring, online and offline

Panelists include:

Tony Planamento, Technical projects, AME Solutions
Gavin Coull, Director of Service Sales, SKF

The case of frequency converters and motors

Dated: Wednesday July 28 – Time: 09h00-09h45 BST

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Today’s electric drive systems use converters to match the voltage and frequency of the power supply to achieve the desired speed of the electric motor. This webinar will examine the benefits of using frequency converters in combination with power management systems in battery and diesel hybrid applications.

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  • Diesel-Electric Hybrid System Configurations
  • Ship requests
  • Performance and fuel consumption expectations
  • Benefits of pairing batteries with electric motors

Panelists include:
Dr Hinrich Mohr, Owner, GasKraft Engineering
Jonas Nyberg, Managing Director – Western Hemisphere, Berg Propulsion

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Noise and vibration: the link between environmental legislation and torsional vibrations

Dated: Thursday July 29 – Time: 2:00 p.m. – 2:45 p.m. BST

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More and more ships are being built with highly efficient powertrains to comply with stricter emissions regulations and to further improve fuel consumption. This can lead to torsional vibration problems in the powertrain. Join us to discuss the applications of noise and vibration, including vibration analysis (VA) and motion amplification.

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  • Defining VA and how it works
  • Amplification of movement
  • Effects of raw vibrations
  • Mechanical issues: balancing and alignment

Panelists include:
Rich Merhige, Regional Director, AME Solutions

Christof Sigle, Director, Gesilco® & Acoustic

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