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4 Week Fitness Challenge | Franklin Track and Field Club

Whether you’re new to exercise or just looking to make a change this winter, a 4 week fitness challenge could be the catalyst to producing a healthier, stronger, happier person. you. Embrace new healthy habits or surpass your plateau with this easy-to-follow 4-week fitness challenge.

Day 1/8/15/22: Lower body strength training

Day 2/9/16/23: Upper body strength training

Day 3/10/17/24: Cross-training training

Day 4/11/18/25: Full body strength training

Day 5/12/19/26: Basic strength training

Day 6/13/20/27: Cross-training training

Day 7/14/21/28: Rest and recovery

Start at the Franklin Athletic Club

Some of these definitions are pretty self-explanatory:

  • Lower body: legs and buttocks.
  • Upper body: arms, chest and back.
  • Whole body: everything!
  • Core: middle abdominal muscles (front and back).

There are many ways to exercise each muscle group. Boredom doesn’t have to set in. If something is wrong, move on to another exercise.

But what exactly is strength versus cross training? Strength training Focus on building muscle by building and contracting (squeezing) muscle groups in a controlled manner. You can use machines, dumbbells, dumbbells and even body weight!

Cross training is anything that is not strength training. It can be a cardio machine such as a treadmill, rower, or elliptical trainer. It could be a spin class or whatever group fitness class. Or, the cross training could incorporate a mind / body class like yoga.

Week 1: Safety first

During this first week, focus mainly on your form with strength training exercises. Exercising correctly and safely means you will be able to train for longer instead of being absent due to an injury. Weights are less important than form right now.

To ensure good form, consider meeting a personal trainer. These experts can help you find the right weight training exercises for your body and your goals.

Week 2: Increase repetitions

Your form is perfect. Now is the time to see what you can do! If you’ve started doing three sets of 10, try increasing your reps during strength training. Shoot for three sets of 15. Or if you’re starting with two sets of 8, do two sets of 12. If you can’t complete your last set, that’s okay. You did more reps than last week!

Week 3: Try a new cross-training workout

If you’ve never tried a group fitness class, now is your chance! Have you never done yoga before? Try Zumba® or a bike class! Exhausted on the treadmill? Try a rower or elliptical trainer! This week, take the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. Nothing kills the effort of consistency in a workout like getting complacent or bored.

Week 4: Take another round or increase your weight

If you’ve done two sets of these exercises in the past three weeks, add a third set to your workouts. If you have remained stable at the same weight, try increasing the weights a bit. You may not be able to complete the new set or do all sets at the new weight. It’s OK. The breakthroughs are gradual. Whatever you can do, push a little harder. Do a little more. Risk of having a little pain. You are going to learn to love this feeling because it means you worked for it, you deserved it. You are awesome!

Want to dive into your own wellness journey? To rejoin Franklin Track and Field Club. With flexible membership options, Franklin Athletic Club is a wonderful place to meet like-minded people who are trying to be and stay healthy and strong! With forty classes a week, a wealth of weight and cardio equipment, and some of the best trainers, staff and members in the world, you’ll find a place to belong to. Along the way, you will discover how capable and strong you are. Ready? Sign up online or call (615) 599-5544 to find out more.

Franklin Track and Field Club
112 Rand Pl
Franklin, TN 37064
(615) 599-5544

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