The Maritime Target Depot team demonstrates its contribution to preparedness

Department of Arms Sailors aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan launch an inflated target, Killer Tomato, to allow the ship’s large caliber team to fire at an active target. US Navy / Petty Officer 2nd Class Gary Prill

PORT HUENEME, Calif .– The US Navy’s Seaborne Targets team from Program Executive Office (PEO) Ships and NAVAIR’s Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD) demonstrated its essential capabilities to Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Michael Gilday, during his visit to the Ventura County Naval Base in Port Hueneme on February 26, said Team Ships Public Affairs in a March 5 statement.

Maritime targets are used during the testing and required training of missile systems, guns and other weapons designed to destroy an approaching “threat” to ships and aircraft. Admiral Gilday saw the unique capabilities of the remote control system developed by the government and used to control target boats. The remote control system allows fire operations personnel to control target boats in groups or formations, realistically simulating the threat of multiple boats simultaneously attacking a vessel. Various types and configurations of maritime targets were also on display.

“The NOC has tasked us with maintaining our advantage at sea and we know that threats to ships and aircraft are constantly emerging and evolving,” said Mike Kosar, Program Manager, Auxiliary Vessels, Small Craft and Craft, Office Ships program executive (PEO). . “The Navy must constantly adapt by developing new weapon systems to counter these threats and therefore must develop new maritime targets to test the systems and train operators to respond to the approaching threat.”

Maritime targets are known for their orange color which makes them easy to identify. The Navy’s maritime target inventory consists primarily of self-propelled boats and barges or floating pontoons designed to be towed behind ships.

To produce target boats, the PEO Ships Support Ships, Boats and Craft program office strives to purchase and deliver them and install remote control systems on the boats after delivery. NAWCWD personnel perform final assembly of all tow targets at Port Hueneme. Seaborne Targets Depot personnel test targets before shipping them to sea areas where they are ultimately used.

“The in-house capabilities of the Seaborne Targets team allow us to retain the technical knowledge and expertise to provide support wherever our targets are used,” Kosar said. “Our surface force must have confidence in the reliability of the systems and weapons supplied to them. The vital work of the Seaborne Targets team helps ensure our fighters are prepared. ”

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