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Thar Toinn

Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh

Independent release


In a digital world where no storage limits apply, it’s too tempting for artists to fill the void. This six-track capsule project by West singer Kerry Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh sidesteps that temptation, choosing instead to distill her musical thoughts on all things maritime in just six tracks, each meticulously curated: a puzzle that satisfies because of its symmetry. .

Nic Amhlaoibh carries his obsession with the ocean through his name (Muireann meaning maiden of the sea) and his thoughtful song choices. This voice is steeped in its history, rooted in the richness of its Western roots in Kerry, where songs anchor singers throughout Corca Dhuibhne.

The opening, Faoiseamh Faoistine, adapted from the writing of the late poet Domhnall Mac Síthigh, with guitar accompaniment by Gerry O’Beirne is a delicately stitched ode to the land and the sea, where the voice of Nic Amhlaoibh rises from the first verse. Geography sets no boundaries for its gathering of compatible bed-mates, with songs from Cork, Tyrone, West Kerry and Cape Breton rubbing shoulders like long-lost relatives at a family reunion.

Throughout less is more, with the iconic West Kerry tune Port na bPúcaí standing out: accompanied by rarely heard lyrics, and with the accompaniment of her husband, Billy Mac Fhloinn, on his Turkish-inspired instrument. , the yaybahar. Aquatic musical life: just to immerse yourself in it.

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