L3 unit to support US Navy shipboard training systems

A subsidiary of L3 Technologies has been awarded a $76 million contract to support integrated training systems aboard US Navy ships.

The contract was awarded to the new Maritime Services Division within the Integrated Maritime Systems (IMS) business area of ​​L3 Communications & Networked Systems.

Under the contract, L3 Maritime Services is required to provide the Battle Force Tactical Trainer (BFTT) family of aircraft with instruction, engineering, systems integration and lifecycle support.

L3 Integrated Maritime Systems President Bill Toti said, “We are excited to continue supporting US Navy combat systems training to maintain proficiency and mission readiness.

“We are committed to providing the best training and program support to the Navy’s afloat training groups and our nation’s frontline combatants.”

The BFTT family includes AN/USQ-T46 BFTT, AN/USQ-T47 Battle Force Electronic Warfare Trainer (BEWT & BEWT II) and the Trainer Simulator Stimulator System.

“We are pleased to continue to support US Navy combat systems training to maintain proficiency and mission readiness.”

BFTT is designed to provide coordinated stimulation and simulation of onboard combat systems to enable training of Navy teams.

This training will enable troops to conduct realistic joint warfare training across the full spectrum of armed conflict.

Additionally, the training will enable personnel to undertake realistic team training at the unit level in all areas of primary warfare.

In addition, the BFTT system allows sailors to undergo training on board their ships.

Using BFTT, fleet commanders can create drills to prepare for planned missions. The system also provides a readout of crew performance to facilitate continuous improvement.

L3 Unidyne has supported the BFTT in-service engineering agent since 1996, providing a range of services including engineering and support, training systems and installation hardware manufacturing. The United States Navy had also contracted General Electric Intelligent Platforms to supply single board computers for the BFTT program.

The company has completed the installation of more than 600 BFTT training systems on US Navy ships and shore-based training facilities.