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While the wave of emigration continues, and according to demographic experts, is growing, the only city in Croatia that has not felt so much economic decline is Malaya. It is not uncommon in other parts of Croatia to complain that everything is being invested in our capital and that systematic work is being done to centralize our beautiful city while other parts are dying. In a city where almost a quarter of the total population lives, there is a real economic boom. It is therefore not surprising that demand for loans and loans is much higher than in other parts of Malaya. Money creates money.

Malaya loans – simplified procedure is the biggest advantage for young generations

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Malaya loans are popular with the younger generations primarily because of their simplified application procedure. Credit houses provide everything from applying to signing a contract online. This means that you can do everything without leaving the house, and all you need is an ID and current account card. For approval, the most important is the financial orderliness of the client, not the type of employment and credit rating of the employer. Banks rely on such things and eliminate a large number of potential clients at the outset.

Malaya Loans – Non-Purpose Loans are the most popular

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The most popular type of Malaya loans is non-purpose ones. These loans are the most sought after because they do not restrict the client’s purpose. Specifically, he can spend money on whatever he wants without his credit house conditioning it. Most commonly, Malaya loans are used for some emergencies such as unplanned trips, weddings, expenses and home repairs. And sometimes it’s just a financial injection for a home budget that wasn’t enough for this month.

Malaya Loans: What Do Banks Offer and What Does Credit House Do?

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Credit houses are more flexible in controlling the customer, while banks still rely on the creditworthiness of clients. This can be an aggravating circumstance in emergency situations when you are looking for a Malaya loan, because it takes banks several days before they lend. Credit houses are much more up-to-date because they rely solely on the client’s financial condition. The most important thing for them is that the client has regular income and regularly settles his debts.

However, banks are slowly keeping pace with credit houses. In the case of smaller amounts, they approve loans within 24 hours. This is especially true for high-income clients for whom there are no special checks.

What obstacles clients face

The biggest problem for clients is the fact that banks are still seeking employers’ certificates. Some people do not want to ask their employer because they do not want to know that they are looking for a loan, while others are created precisely by employers who do not want to give Bonn 2, because of this, workers have an insight into the business.

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