How to securely take out a loan online?

You will find many lending services on the internet today. Very often, it is enough to complete a simple form and you will receive the loan in less than 20 minutes. Many people, however, are afraid of taking out such loans – providing their ID, pesel number scares them off. Some people have also heard stories related to loan fraud. That is why in this article you will learn how to borrow money safely online.

Not only a bank can lend you money

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It is worth remembering that today there are many more possibilities for borrowing money than before. You don’t have to limit yourself to taking out a loan from a bank, especially since often various formalities make you wait for money for quite a long time.

The alternative is even non-bank loans or the increasingly popular social loans. These are two forms of borrowing that are the most legal and thanks to them you can get money on more favorable terms than in the bank and, above all, faster. In this article, we’ll focus on non-bank loans – how do you make sure you can borrow money with your company without fear?

First of all, read the offer

Reliable lending companies have a transparent offer that can be understood by almost every person. If you are thinking about taking out a loan in a given company, be sure to carefully read the content on their site. Pay particular attention to:

– Cost of loan – how much you have to pay back compared to the amount you borrow. For example, how much money you have to give back if you borrow PLN 1,000.

– Loan repayment form – it is repaid in installments, or you give it back in a specified time (the second form is often practiced with smaller amounts, e.g. PLN 300).

– Conditions for granting the loan – what requirements do you have to meet so that you can take out a loan, e.g. what documents you need.

Most lending companies have very convenient calculators that will allow you to easily get the most important information. It is also worth looking at other tabs available on the site. Perhaps there is a “FAQ” tab where you will find answers to frequently asked questions. You can also look for the regulations – if you are on a reliable company website, you will easily find it.

It is also worth remembering that if you have any questions or doubts, you can go to the contact tab and talk to competent people there.

Check the reviews, but with some distance

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A lot of information about the company where you want to take out a loan can give you feedback. If you have friends who have used the services of such companies, you can meet them to learn about their experience. It’s also worth looking for information on the internet – you’ll find various industry forums, Facebook groups, and themed pages here. At the same time, it is worth to approach this information from a distance. There are several aspects to keep in mind:

– People who express opinions often write under the influence of emotions, which is why their opinion is not objective.

– Negative opinions are sometimes caused by the fact that a person took out a loan thoughtlessly and did not think about his decision.

Therefore, it is worth simply assessing the overall opinion on a given company. If, however, you are interested in a statement, please contact this person and try to find out more details.

What else should you pay attention to?

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We’ve listed the two most important aspects above to help you choose a good lending company. At the same time, if you want to check the company even more, then:

– Read the regulations and all other documents that everyone should read while taking out the loan.

– Pay attention to the customer verification process – does the company check the client’s history in BIK or does it not? If you are loking for a company offering loans without BIK, you will avoid a rejected application.


– Check the company’s headquarters and information about it in the National Court Register – thanks to this you will make sure that this company definitely exists.

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