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Many borrowers who have rejected their loan applications are wondering what the reason might be. At the beginning it is worth noting that limiting the formalities to a minimum and the lack of the need to present earnings certificates does not make non-bank loans an offer for everyone. This is also the case here. If we think that the company’s offer can be called Good Finance Credit for those in debt, we are wrong.

Good Finance Credit is denied

Good Finance Credit is denied

The lender’s website clearly indicates that the condition for granting the loan is a positive creditworthiness score. Thus, all doubts regarding the relationship between Good Finance Credit and BIK should be dispelled. With such high amounts, we should be sure that our Good Finance credit BIK credit history will be important.

Another reason for rejecting an application may be the lack of sufficient income. This means that the earnings we earn do not guarantee that the lender will be able to pay his debts easily. It may also happen that the applicant makes a mistake by providing incorrect data. In this situation, we will be refused. If we do not meet at least one of the conditions in force in the company, Good Finance Credit will refuse us.

Good Finance Credit documents


The lender guarantees us formalities limited to the minimum. This means that we do not have to worry about collecting a stack of documents that would certainly be mandatory in banking institutions. Good Finance Credit what documents do you need? There is a reason why the lender’s offer is called Good Finance Credit Evidence Loan. It is the basis for creating the appropriate loan agreement and verifying our personal data. In addition, we will not need to have any certificates from the workplace.

In return, we will be required to complete several additional fields in the form, such as: source of income, number of dependents, seniority, etc. On this basis, the lender will assess our credibility as payers. That is why this product is often called a Good Finance Credit statement loan. In some cases, the lender may ask us to provide a document confirming our residential address or identity.

Good Finance Credit can you have two loans?

Good Finance Credit can you have two loans?

Often among the clients of different loan companies there is a question about the possibility of having two liabilities at the same time. The answer may be different because there may be two situations. The first is having an active bank loan or a loan from another company.

In this case, the application may be accepted. However, it all depends on our creditworthiness. The second situation is having two loans at Good Finance Credit. We must know that this is not possible. We can apply for the next loan only after timely repayment of the previous one.

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