Contract for specific work and commission contract and loans

Contracts and commission contracts are popular in our country. Although sometimes called “garbage”, they provide many benefits to both the employee and the employer.

The employee receives more money on their account and also has more freedom to change their employment and professional development. On the other hand, the employer usually accounts for the effect and does not have to pay all contributions per employee.

Unfortunately, these forms of employment are often reluctant to be seen by banks and lending companies.

Why is this happening and how to get a loan when you are employed under a specific work contract or mandate contract?

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You’ll find the answers to these questions in the article.

The reasons for the poor work contract and work contract

Why are lenders so reluctant to look at these forms of employment? The reasons are different, the most common are:

– Often, a commission contract and a work contract is associated with low income. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule – freelancers who do not have their own business often earn more under a contract for specific work than those employed under an employment contract. However, these are exceptions. Unfortunately, in many cases, people employed on a work contract or commission contract earn little.

– Uncertainty of employment – from the lender’s point of view, the mandate and specific work contract is much less secure than the employment contract. Such contracts can be terminated at any time and the person with the loan will not be able to pay the liabilities.

However, are people working on the basis of such forms of employment doomed to refuse credit? Absolutely not. Here are a few tips and ways to get a loan after all.

Build a positive credit history

Build a positive credit history

We devoted the entire article to this topic. If you have a positive credit history, then you can get a larger loan. The same applies if you have a work contract or a specific work contract. Of course, the lender always remembers the disadvantages associated with this form of employment, at the same time he sees that in the past you have not had any problems with paying off your obligations. That’s why your credit chances are rising.


Length of employment


If you have only recently been working on a commission or employment contract, you are in a worse situation than someone who has been working in this way for a year or several. For banks, it is also important information that they can use to decide whether to grant you a loan.

Non-bank loans

Today, non-bank loans are a good alternative to bank loans. In many companies, you don’t have to be employed under an employment contract to get a loan.

This is because non-bank companies treat people who take out loans as adults and responsible people who take out loans only when they know they can pay it back. Therefore, if you are employed on a specific work contract or a mandate contract and you need to borrow money, be sure to take an interest in non-bank loans, because in this way you will probably be able to get a loan.

What to remember when taking non-bank loans?

Build a positive credit history

Many people have some concerns about non-bank loans. The truth is that they are usually as secure as possible. You just have to remember to pay them back on time, but the same principle applies when you take out a loan at a bank. At the same time, if you want to be sure that the non-bank loan you are taking is safe, follow these simple instructions:

1. Check the offer of the company from which you take the loan. Most companies have calculators on their site – use it to calculate the amount you will have to pay back. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to call the loan company.

2. Think about what amount you need – remember that when you take a non-bank loan you have to pay it back.

3. Take a loan – by using non-bank loans, in many cases you determine the terms of the loan and when you adjust them to your needs, you submit an application.

Non-bank loans are a great solution for people employed under a specific task contract or mandate contract. If you need an injection of cash, then you should be interested in them.

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