Conditions for granting a student loan – is it worth using it?

If you want to study, you have to take into account considerable expenses. Almost every student is forced to rent a studio or other apartment. A good solution for obtaining additional funds may be a loan. What are the conditions for lending money? Is it worth using this type of loan?

All in one form

All in one form

Each student or doctoral student at universities and scientific units has the option of receiving one loan or credit. However, he must meet the income criterion, which is the basic condition for concluding the contract. In the 2016/2017 academic year, a maximum income was set not exceeding PLN 2,500 per person who entitles to receive a loan.

Students may receive a loan or credit for the period of study at individual universities or selected fields of study, and in the case of doctoral studies in particular fields of science, art and scientific or artistic disciplines, excluding:

  • subsequent studies, after passing the diploma examination in second-cycle studies or in uniform master’s studies
  • subsequent first or second cycle studies after passing the diploma examination at this level of education
  • subsequent doctoral studies, after completing studies at this level of education
  • granted leave from classes at the university or scientific unit conducting doctoral studies

A student applying for a loan or credit application

A student applying for a loan or credit application

Submits the application on the form determined by the bank. A loan or credit application shall contain:

  • first name and last name
  • PESEL number, and if it is not available – the series and number of the identity document
  • date and place of birth
  • address

Study data:

  • name and address of the university or scientific unit
  • level of education
  • field of study, and in the case of doctoral studies – field of science or art as well as scientific or artistic discipline
  • form of study

It also contains the data required by the bank for the purposes of assessing the loan or loan repayment security, as well as the indicated monthly installment for the loan or credit. The application is accompanied by a certificate from the university or scientific unit confirming that the applicant for the loan or credit is a student. Information is also required about other continuing studies and about those that the student has completed.

Obligations to the bank


The borrower has the right to a loan or a loan at second-cycle studies, without having to re-apply for them, provided he / she used the loan or loan at first-cycle studies.

The borrower also has the right to use them for doctoral studies, without having to re-submit the application, as before – if he used the bank’s services during uniform master’s studies, first-cycle studies or second-cycle studies.

Until the completion of studies or doctoral studies, the borrower presents to the bank – in order to confirm the status of a student or doctoral student – a valid student ID or doctoral student. It is presented twice a year, by March 31 and October 31 .

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